Neighborhood Ambassadors (NA's)

Vegetable Farm
  • NAs will be trained to:


    Clean and maintain the program situs, the Cecil Street community garden (5730-40 Kingsessing Avenue).


  • Install an outdoor mosaic mural on an adjacent wall within the community garden

  • Develop customer service skills

  • Install and maintain a small raised bed garden within the larger community garden

  • Positively interact with neighbors, including the elderly

Job and
Entrepreneurship Training

  • There are several job and entrepreneurship training programs in Philadelphia, yet most have not yet penetrated Kingsessing. We have developed a youth-centered entrepreneurship program which introduces the teens to:

  • The basics of entrepreneurship and business ownership

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Weekly masterclasses with local entrepreneurs

  • Starting their own business

Inner & Interpersonal Development

  • Emotional Learning/Process

    • Weekly group sessions and one on one sessions with a trained therapist

      • We recognize that the entire world is experiencing an unprecedented traumatic set of events, and that our youth may not have an adequate outlet to process and digest their current situation

Political Education

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  • Education on current and historical black political movements and theory

Civic Engagement

boy staring into space
  • Learning (from a distance) about the local community history and culture

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