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Mosaic Mural Making

Mosaic Shapes
  • Mosaics are a visual artform that incorporates the use of broken pottery and colored grout. Like the physical individual broken pieces we use to repurpose into a beautiful collective work,

  • Fortress uses a method similar to the Zagar method found on South Street in Philadelphia.

  • Mosaics are an expressive art form that  allows the creator to work from a stream of consciousness.

  • This can also translate into a trade skill since it is related to tile laying and other construction-related skills.

Civic Engagement (Neighborhood Ambassadors)

  • Clean and maintain the program situs and surrounding neighborhood blocks

  • Install outdoor mosaic murals 

  • Develop community service skills (seeing oneself as a part of a larger community)

  • Maintain community garden, as directed

  • Positively interact with neighbors, including the elderly

Job and Entrepreneurship Training

Open For Business

Participants learn:

  • The basics of entrepreneurship and business ownership

  • Branding and Marketing Skill development

  • Engage with local entrepreneurs in weekly master classes

  • How to start their own business

Intra- and Interpersonal Skill Development

All Hands In

We recognize that the entire world is experiencing an unprecedented traumatic set of events, and that our youth may not have an adequate outlet to process and digest their current situation. Participants:

  • Learn the benefits of self-reflection and self-improvement by way of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development. 

  • Practice vital skills to navigate the challenges faced in day-to-day life.

  • Develop a better understanding of how to identify and communicate their emotions.  


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